Week in Review: AP edition

It’s been unusually quiet this week as AP testing has taken over the library.

However, the quiet was more than made up for on Thursday when we had a full day of classes in for research. Starting in the morning were Ms. Nellis’ 9th graders researching European Colonialism in America.

For the rest of the day, we had Ms. Little’s 6th graders in working on their Passion Projects.

The library will have limited hours next week as well as students continue taking AP tests, but we’ll be back in full force the following week with Senior Seminars!

(Last) Week in Review

We’ve been moving right along this week as we head into the last month or so of school!

On Monday Brandy presented during our Leadership Lunch series. She talked about why she loves her church and the many roles she plays in it.

The 6th graders returned at the beginning of the week to continue their research for their passion projects. Check out some of the topics they’re researching!

On Tuesday we had a Speakeasy en Espanol, with students from Doctora Portillo’s class reading poems in Spanish.

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Also visiting this week were Ms. Lyon’s and Mr. Kuipers’ 7th graders, who began looking at sources for their China and Japan cultural projects.

And to cap off National Poetry Month, Thursday was Poem in Your Pocket Day. Students with poems in their pockets (or their head or their phone) were rewarded with a piece of candy.

Week in Review

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a relaxing and book-filled break.

The Glass Knife had another round of board meetings this week as they continue to work hard on this years’ book. They also had their first work night on Friday.

On Thursday Ms. Melinson taught the 10th graders about citations for their Sophomore Projects – with the help of some chocolate.

We’ve been spending this week prepping for the many upcoming events over the next few weeks. Here’s a preview of what’s to come!

Week in Review: Spring Break Edition

They say April showers bring May flowers, but this March might just give April a run for its money. It’s been one cold and wet week as we countdown to Spring Break!

The Glass Knife has being having board meetings all week to discuss submissions and other super secret Glass Knife business as they prepare this year’s book.

On Tuesday Ms. Melinson and Melissa met with local librarians to talk about what’s going in the library world and find out what challenges and successes they’re dealing with.

We also enjoyed Tea for Two on Tuesday as a nice pick-me-up from the cold weather.

Dr. Baird’s WWII students have been reading historical fiction set during World War II and blogging about their novels over the past few weeks. They will also write a brief review for the library catalog as well as a longer review for the class that includes an analysis of how the history in the book compares to the history that they’ve learned in class this year. On Wednesday, we had a lively special ediition of Book Club (complete with library brownies) to discuss the books with the class and Dr. Baird and Ms. Melinson. Most of the kids really liked their books a lot and made some really good points about their reading. Many of them also saw the movies, which often differed in significant ways from the books so that gave us plenty to discuss. Here are the books that they read:

Anny – Salt to the Sea by Rita Sepetys

Fred – Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

Christian – Invasion by Walter Dean Myers

Jesus – Bridge Over the River Kwai by Pierre Boulle

Mac – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Quin – A Walk in the Sun by Harry Brown

Nicole – City of Thieves by David Benioff

Esme – Empire of the Sun by JG Ballard


Thursday was National Puppy Day and Alan brought his adorable German Shepard puppy for a visit and many ear scritches.

Week in Review

It’s been non-stop this week at the Matthews Library! All this week Ms. LaComb’s 7th graders have been coming in to research Feudal Japan for their projects.

On Monday we began March Madness with Mr. Kuiper’s and Ms. Lyon’s history classes. Students chose books based on their covers and first lines. Check back in April to see how the books fare!

On Tuesday the Candy Fairy gave candy to the classes who sent in selfies during the All School Read on Read Across America day.

Tuesday was also the second meeting of the Harry Potter Club where students discussed taking over next month’s Book Club and making it Harry Potter themed.

On Wednesday we had our monthly Book Club, which you can read all about here!

Friday was the Renaissance Faire where students proceeded through the campus, then to the lower school for the Maypole Dance, and feasted with Lords and Ladies in the middle school quad. From there, life in the Renaissance is represented through various guilds. Check out the botanical books from the Apothecary that students worked on in the library!


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Windy Week in Review

It’s been a wet and windy week, which made it a great time for Mr. Grunst’s 8th graders to learn about inclement weather! They’ve been coming in all week to research for their severe weather projects.

Tuesday we had Cookies, Coloring, and Conversation in the library. (The Oreos were a big hit!)

On Thursday and Friday, the MOGAI club was selling adorable handmade Valentine’s Day cards outside of the library. Don’t worry, if you still need a card, they’ll be back on Tuesday!

To keep with the Valentine’s Day theme, check out what’s happening next week: blind date with a book!


Here’s Mr. Neukom returning the book Romanticism for the last time.

Week in Review

On Monday we hosted the Breakthrough Cavaliers lunch where they had good news to discuss: Breakthrough is back!

We’ve had a rather historical week with Ms. Nellis’ 9th grade History classes visiting to research for their Ancient Civilizations projects.

On Wednesday we had our monthly Book Club where faculty and students talked about what books they were reading over brownies and hot apple cider.

Students were very excited about the puzzle we had out last week for National Puzzle Day so we kept it out and they were able to finish it this week!

And to top off a blustery Friday, Ms. Melinson set up a tea station in the library!




Week in Review

This week was short and quiet at the Matthews Library, especially compared to last week.

The Political Puzzles Club came in on Monday and Blake went over polling projections (running the Map to 270 like a boss) and then returned with an even bigger group on Thursday to discuss the presidential and senate election results. The Political Puzzles Club is a group of students who discuss political issues. Despite the fact that they don’t all agree with each other, our students are respectful of each other in their discussions. They listen and have civil conversations. Many of our politicians could learn from them.

Dr. Bell’s AP English 12 classes came in on Monday and Tuesday to choose stories and look at critical reviews to help them write their papers.


Wednesday was our monthly Book Club meeting (read all about it here!)

And, finally, Friday was Veteran’s Day where we remember those who served and fought for our country.

Week in Review: Productive 7th Graders!

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Our seventh graders have been working hard the past few weeks, and this week we’re getting to see the fruits of their labor. Mr. Kuipers & Ms. Lyon’s history classes did research in the library and then created their Middle East Cultural Fair Projects focusing on architecture, food, games, gardens and more. On Thursday, they set up all the projects in the quad and presented to their classmates.

Then they researched in the library last week and this week to gather information for their Biomes websites that they created for Ms Burns’ class. Here are some of them posing with their webpages:

But that’s not all. This week they’ve been working on their Call of the Wild projects for Ms. LaComb’s English class. This group is writing the script and making the props and costumes for their video that they will shoot while in Yosemite.

We ♥7th grade!

Week in Review: Findings and Firsts

This week, the Matthews Library received a big stack of new books! They are currently being processed and will be ready by next Wednesday. Sorry, everyone’s going to have to wait!

Monday was the first meeting of the Political Puzzles Club. The club brings together students and faculty with a variety of political views to discuss political issues. In the first meeting, the club watched a TED Talk by Michael Sandel on “The Lost Art of Democratic Debate.” The next meeting will be Thursday, September 29 and will focus on the Electoral College and voting access.

This year’s first issue of The Octagon came out on Tuesday. Staffers Jack, Adam, and Benett came into Matthews Library looking sharp!

On Wednesday, 8th grade History classes came in to work on their National History Day projects. This year’s theme is “Taking a Stand in History.” Students found books in the Matthews Library on their topics, including: Title IX, Weather Underground, Harvey Milk, the Newsboys Strike of 1899, Rosa Parks, Flappers, and the Berlin Airlift. We’re looking forward to seeing their projects!