Salman Khan & Khan Academy Flip Education

I just watched the TED video of Salman Khan called “Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education.” Khan developed the Khan Academy, an online educational resource that includes video lectures on a variety of topics including many math and science topics. The site also includes online exercises for students to work at their own paces. Once students get ten answers correct, they can move on to the next topic. It also includes peer tutoring. One thing Khan said teachers do with his site is flip their classes. They have students watch the Khan Academy lectures for homework and then they have the students work on what they’d normally have as homework in the classroom. This means the teacher is there to answer questions and help where necessary and also to observe how the students work. I thought it was an interesting concept and might also be helpful for students who seem to be stuck on a certain topic and could use more practice or instruction.

Here’s a link to the website:

Here’s the video: