Activities: Summer 2019

Check out some of the Summer Reading activities our middle schoolers did over the summer!

Jaq read Boys are Dogs and shared a picture of him training his dogs.

Jaq also read The Secret Gardenand watched the movie. This is what he said:

I was doing the read the book/watch the movie section of the summer reading page on CAVNET and came across “The Secret Garden” movie/book. I read the book and then watched the movie and decided that the book was better for a few reasons: 

It gave you more detail and had a lot more value to it. The book made more sense and had more adrenaline and emotion to it, and you could visualize the landscape easier. It made me actually experience the story as if I was a part of it, not like just seeing it through a screen. There was one bad part about it though; it didn’t describe the characters as well as the movie. Although, the movie had a few good parts, too. It had more of a backstory, since the book just told about the story, not how the characters got to where they were in that point in time. You could actually know what the characters’ looks and feelings were. Altogether, it was a very good read and/or movie.

Max W. read The Angel Experiment by James Patterson and redesigned the cover to show Max landing in Arizona.

Angela G. had many summer reading related adventures. She planted bicoastal gardens – one in California and one in Maine – after reading The Secret Garden. Angela visited Alcatraz and had her picture taken as “rehabilitated”, inspired by Al Capone Does My Shirts. She also made hard candy (The Candymakers), helped make her Twinkie Pie birthday cake (The Truth About Twinkie Pie), enjoyed a potato salad (You’re Bacon Me Crazy), and played with her rescued Greyhound by encouraging him to do zoomies in the yard (Boys are Dogs).

Mia G. had a good time recreating book covers for her summer reading. She made covers for Drum Roll, PleasePlanet Earth is BlueSchooled, and Save Me a Seat.

Jackson W. read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and redesigned the cover.


Thanks to all the parents and kiddos who sent in their Summer Reading activities! Keep your eyes and ears open for raffle information.