What happens when all the sad books spend too much time together?

Agamemnon, our faithful library mascot, simply had enough of the listening to the sad books, caught crying for hours and hours in a library corner. So he staged a sad book intervention to put a stop to the endless weeping, claiming that “it’s OK to cry over sad books sometimes, but we have to spend ALL summer putting up with you guys, and you’re bringing us all down!”

Hence the sad book intervention:

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After Smile showed up to the intervention, moods improved and tissues were needed less; she has that effect on people. Stay tuned to see what was going on in another corner of the library…

Question: when books take pictures of themselves, what is it called? Shelfies!

It’s summertime for Country Day students and faculty, which also means it’s summertime for the library books. But here’s the thing: the books are starting to get bored, you guys. They miss their kids! So what are they supposed to do, just sit around collecting dust? We don’t think so! Of course the first thing the humorous books did was throw a party:

Photo Jun 18, 3 02 32 PM

What else are the books going to be caught doing this summer?! We’re afraid to find out…

Stay tuned!

BEA Highlights

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She’s baaaack!

Mollie was delighted to attend Book Expo America, but she’s glad to be back. She picked up a lot of advanced copies of books for the library, so FEAR NOT! we will have lots of exciting titles for y’all next year.

While she didn’t get to meet everyone on her list at BEA, she did get to meet some notable authors, such as Lemony Snicket, R.L. Stine, Gregory Maguire, John Scieska, Jonathan Tropper, Jeff Kinney, Jason Segel, and Anjelica Huston, among others. Tiddles even got to make new friends!