Week in Review: Thanksgiving Edition

On Monday we had a Leadership Lunch featuring Amalie talking about her experience over the summer as part of Team USA’s swim team. In her presentation, Amalie highlighted her team and the importance of supporting each other. On Tuesday our favorite Saint Bernard, Quaffle, bestowed us with her happy, fluffy presence. On Wednesday Dr. Fisher was in with his 10th graders to cover proper interviewing techniques so the kiddos are prepared to conduct interviews for their Sophomore Projects. The week ended on a thankful note as the high schoolers and their advisors feasted on turkey sandwiches, sparkling cider, and apple pie in the high school quad.

Week in Review: World Cultures Edition

We’ve had fun celebrating world cultures this week at Country Day!

We kicked off the celebration with our annual Polyglot Cat in the Hat. Students and faculty took turns reading The Cat in the Hat in 30 languages, including ASCII, Yiddish, and Old English, much to the delight of our visiting second graders.

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On Thursday we toured the world via the Passport Lunch. In the library, Ms. Melinson’s advisory featured yummy noodles from around the world.

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The week ended with an assembly starring Fenix Drum, a West African, Congolese, and Caribbean drum and dance troupe.


We visited the fourth grade Wax Museum on Wednesday where students dressed in pioneer garb and presented information as the famous pioneers they researched.

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Week in Review

It’s been a cold and rainy week outside of the Matthews Library, but luckily we’ve had some fun indoor activities this week!

Last Friday we had our high school raffle winner’s lunch. Emily and three friends enjoyed homemade mac and cheese, brownies, and salad. Emily said she read “many, many, many” books for the raffle and her favorites include the Shadowhunter series by Cassandra Clare.


Monday was the annual Glass Knife Latke Throwdown and Holiday Party and Ms. Melinson read the appropriately titled The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming. This year there were no latkes, but lots of pasta including spaghetti and an Asian noodle dish with shrimp as well as a Dutch Spice Cake. Instead of latkes this year we had Sufganiyah (jelly donuts) pronounced soof-gonnie-oat. While latkes would probably be the best known fried treats at Hanukkah, this tasty treat is also traditional because it’s also fried and relates to the oil lamp story.


We had a Leadership Lunch on Wednesday where Monique presented a slideshow based on her trip to Finland and the Baltic states with the Sacramento Children’s Chorus.


On Thursday we had another lively meeting of the Political Puzzles club where Blake led a discussion on Trump’s cabinet nominations and he and Alexa talked about some hot button issues that other kids wanted to know more about.


And finally, Ms. Melinson unveiled this year’s Winter Craft: homemade cards!

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Week in Review: Masked Edition

We were very happy to see more sunshine this week! The weather was warmer, no one had to wear rain boots, and we got some really cool additions to the library: student art! Ms. Didion shared some of her class work with the library and we’re honored to feature them on our slat walls!


We also had some fantastic discussions during our monthly High School Book Club on Wednesday. Click this link to read more about the discussions and the Great Brownie Debate of 2016.

On Friday, Ms. Melinson’s advisory had their end-of-quarter lunch, and they ate Indian food while listening to Bollywood dance music. Big shout outs to Mrs. Naify who generously donated her time to pick up the food and deliver it to the happy advisees! We had so much fun, we forgot to take pictures!


Your Week in Review: Chocolate! Edition!

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Who loves chocolate? We love chocolate! Is it true? We do! We do! (Sorry—we got a little excited about that one). On Monday we hosted our very first chocolate tasting. Not unlike a coffee cupping, our chocolate tasting offered folks a chance to try a variety of different chocolates and jot down the flavor notes for each. From single-origin craft chocolates to M&Ms, we had a lot of different choices! We offered many faculty favorites as well (shout out to Dr. Bell’s favorite kind: “the bitterer, the betterer!”), but in the end our tallies showed that students preferred the milk chocolate varietals over the darker chocolates. Is bitterer really betterer? Maybe we should have another chocolate tasting to find out…

…And with a large-scale chocolate-tasting comes leftovers! On Tuesday during lunch, we had a “coloring and chill” session featuring some of our finest (and sassiest) coloring books, offered up with a hearty side of chocolate!

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Going right along with our very sweet-themed week, Glass Knife had their 857th annual Love/Hate Valentine’s Day bake sale. For the romantics, we had ooey-gooey cookies, and for the haters, we had “dirt and worms” and some black heart cookies. We’re not biased, though, we loved eating all of it!

The MOGAI Club sold handmade Valentine’s Day cards on Tuesday and Thursday outside the library, with proceeds going to the Sacramento LGBT Center. The cards were all made by members of the MOGAI club, and we especially loved the extra-sassy cards!


On Thursday we hosted the lunch for Lia K, our winner from the Teen Read Week/Banned Books Week raffle. Lia and 3 of her pals enjoyed a souptastic meal from Boudin, provided by Ms. Melinson:


Whew! And to send you all off on a lovely three-day weekend, we’d like to share with you pretty much one of the coolest videos we’ve ever seen. Click here. You’re welcome.

After that video blows your mind, head over to Wired to read all about the physics/science behind the video. Because, seriously. How did they do that?!

We Had an Informational Lunch!


Today we had a pizza (and cookie/cupcake/chocolate/soda) lunch for 8th Grade students interested in joining the yearbook (Medallion) and the literary magazine (The Glass Knife) when they return to school next year as Country Day Freshmen.

Students not only got their fill of carbohydrates and sugar, but learned a lot about a couple of our beloved school publications. Jaspreet, Zomonster B., Jacob, and Jenny all shared their experiences with these publications, answered some great questions, and hopefully convinced a few (or all!) of the 8th Grade folks to partake in the litmag and yearbook fun for the 2015-2016 school year.

We Had a Samurai Lunch

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On Wednesday we had a samurai lunch with one of our middle school teachers to talk/brainstorm projects involving Feudal Japan. We had authentic Japanese cuisine, including a delicious Nimono (simmered pumpkin) prepared by Ms. Melinson. The recipe can be found here. Ms. Jacobson was gracious enough to let us borrow authentic place settings and decorations that she procured while living in Japan.

If you are a Country Day teacher and want to plan a new project with us, let us know and we’ll come up with a fun theme lunch for you, too (of course we could always meet over coffee or you could just email us).

We Had a Space Lunch

space lunchWhat is a Space Lunch? Well, when we decided to meet with our 6th grade science teachers, we thought it would be fun to plan the new project over lunch–a space lunch. What does one serve for Space Lunch? Tang, of course! Also blue cheese (because it’s like eating the moon, and Fig Galaxy jam (get your own at Whole Foods). For dessert? Astronaut ice cream (it tastes like lucky charms with just the marshmallows, and, strangely, like ice cream). We even had a playlist (“California Stars,” “Moondance,” “You Are My Sunshine”). We had books, databases, and some good websites to share also.

If you are a Country Day teacher and want to plan a new project with us, let us know and we’ll come up with a fun theme lunch for you, too (of course we could always meet over coffee or you could just email us).