We Had a Space Lunch

space lunchWhat is a Space Lunch? Well, when we decided to meet with our 6th grade science teachers, we thought it would be fun to plan the new project over lunch–a space lunch. What does one serve for Space Lunch? Tang, of course! Also blue cheese (because it’s like eating the moon, and Fig Galaxy jam (get your own at Whole Foods). For dessert? Astronaut ice cream (it tastes like lucky charms with just the marshmallows, and, strangely, like ice cream). We even had a playlist (“California Stars,” “Moondance,” “You Are My Sunshine”). We had books, databases, and some good websites to share also.

If you are a Country Day teacher and want to plan a new project with us, let us know and we’ll come up with a fun theme lunch for you, too (of course we could always meet over coffee or you could just email us).