Week in Review: School’s out for summer!

Here we are at the end of another school year. Students wrapped up their finals on Monday then had Tuesday off. They were back for a minimum day on Wednesday to sell back their textbooks and clean out their lockers. Our favorite library dog-in-training, Quaffle, stopped by to wish us a happy summer vacation. Later on Wednesday, after the AP Art presentations, copies of this year’s The Glass Knife were handed out. We think it came out great!

We hope you have a wonderful summer and read some good books!

May Book Club

We held our final Book Club of the 2017-18 school year on Wednesday. Ms. Melinson started us off with some her summer reading choices, The Stranger by Albert Camus and Warlight, from the same author as The English Patient, one of her favorite books. She then went on to talk about some of our new additions to the library, The Burning Maze (the latest in the Trials of Apollo series), A Court of Frost and Starlight (a novella to tide you over until next year when the newest Sarah J. Maas book comes out), The Belles (for fans of The Selection), Leah on the Offbeat (follow-up to Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda), Vincent & TheoObsidioI’ll Be Gone in the Dark, and Munmun, and The Remains of the Day (as recommended by Ms. Fels).

Jackson shared that he plans to read Game of Thrones over the summer. Heloise read Stardust (and watched the movie, but the book was better) and loved it and then started reading American Gods. Ms. Nellis started reading Barracoon, a fascinating book about the last man smuggled illegally into the United States as part of the slave trade. Ms. Fels read No Man’s Land by Simon Tolkien and talked about her growing retirement reading list. Ms. Fels said No Man’s Land was an interesting World War I novel and described the author’s writing as pretty good, but not quite as good as the author’s grandfather’s, J.R.R. Tolkien. Doctora Portillo was reading Interpreter of Maladies, a collection of short stories, and was enjoying it. She plans on reading biographies and autobiographies this summer.

Be sure to check out our Goodreads page for summer reading inspiration. Happy reading!

Week in Review: Book Clubs edition

While the school year is winding down, the library is still hoping with activity. On Tuesday we wrapped up our Summer Reading book talks with the incoming 6th graders. You can find out Summer Reading information here. On Wednesday we had back-to-back Book Clubs. First up was Ms. Nellis’ AP U.S. History class. Students read a historical fiction novel and then related what they learned in class to the historical aspects of the novel. And much like our usual Book Club, snacks were involved! At lunchtime we had our regular monthly Book Club where students and faculty discussed what they planned to read over the summer, which you can read about here.

Thursday and Friday saw final exams for the high schoolers. When they weren’t testing in the gym, they were in the library debriefing with their classmates or outside of the library munching on snacks provided by the Parent’s Association. To wrap up the week, the seniors returned on Friday to take care of some senior business and attend seminars.

Week in Review: Summer Book Talk edition

As if to make up for the quiet of AP exams that last two weeks, this week was jam packed with activities. Monday was a whirlwind day with back to back to back book talks for rising 7th and 9th graders. Monday was also the first annual Donut Day!

On Tuesday, the Glass Knife submitted this year’s book for printing. Look for distribution in the coming weeks! Back by popular request, students were working on a library-themed puzzle last week and by Thursday, it was completed.

Thursday was the 10th annual Play-A-Thon for Rulindo, with music all day long and all over campus. Behind the library in the High School quad, the Middle and High school choir performed with the 3rd and 4th graders. On the Lower School plaza, the High School Jazz Band played followed by the Mega Band (students from Lower, Middle, and High School Band, any adults who wanted to play, and even an alum or two) came together to play some toe-tapping jazz. Also happening on Thursday, the 6th graders shared their Passion Projects, where they presented their work to their peers and received feedback.

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Friday saw more book talks, this time for rising 8th and 9th graders. Also on Friday, the library played host to a retirement party for retiring staff and faculty members Barbara Fackenthall, Patricia Fels, Aggie Germinder, Jane Gillette, Sandy Lyon, Donna Manning, and Julie Nelson.

Week in Review: AP edition pt.2

It’s round two of AP testing this week as students took exams in Biology, Physics, Calculus, Computer Science, English Literature, Microeconomics, European History, and Latin. Whew, that’s a lot of tests!

There were no exams on Thursday so Mrs. Eustace and her 6th graders were in the library working on their Works Cited pages for the Passion Projects.

Before heading into their AP Latin exam on Friday, Mrs. Batarseh motivated her students with an invocation to the gods of AP tests and the Eugepae! chant.

Week in Review: AP edition pt. 1

It’s that time of year again where the library is simultaneously full of students and silent.

AP testing has descended upon us. The library has been closed for most of this week as students test in subjects such as Chemistry, English Literature, Physics, U.S. History, and Computer Science Principles. However, the silence has been appreciated as Ms. Melinson and I work through the Sophomore Project paper citations.

The library will continue to have limited hours next week due to AP exams. Thankfully the weather is nice! Don’t forget, we have bubbles available for all your test related stress-relieving needs!

Week in Review

It’s been a rather quiet week here in the Matthews Library as we head into that time of the year: grading the Sophomore Project citations!

On Tuesday and Wednesday the library was jam packed with students registering for AP exams, which start next week. Tuesday was also College Announcement Day where the Seniors wore their college gear and announced where they’re going next year.

Thursday was a good day for bubbles. Bubbles are lent to students as a way to de-stress from their exams. Friday featured Ms. Nellis’ 9th graders in to work on their European Colonial America research project.

Ms. Melinson has been away this week celebrating her daughter’s wedding festivities. Filling in for Ms. Melinson has been yours truly, assisted by Clippy. He helps out with tech issues, but he’s also pretty territorial when it comes to office furniture. He’s got some interesting redecorating ideas and strong feelings about plants.

Clippy has been a bit wound up since his tenure at Microsoft unraveled. Hopefully Ms. Melinson will return before he gets too bent out of shape!

Week in Review: Middle School English Edition

It was a Middle School takeover this week in the Matthews Library. The 6th and 8th graders were in with Mrs. Eustace for English fun! The 6th graders were learning how to find resources for their Passion Projects via the library catalog, Google searches, and databases. Throughout the week, they were finding books in the library and sourcing information from them.

The 8th graders were in as well, researching the pros and cons of competitive sports. Students learned about finding strong websites as well as summarizing and adopting formal tones. They also learned about counter arguments, which led to an interesting activity where students argued whether Skittles or Snickers is the better candy. We think there was more argument in favor of Skittles.

On Tuesday we hosted Music in the Library featuring the High School Jazz Band, fresh off of their successful performances at the Forum Music Festival. On Wednesday we had our monthly Book Club, which you can read all about here.


Some ASE campers learned that the library is the best place to go if you’re on a scavenger hunt!

April Book Club

We had our monthly book club on Wednesday, where students and faculty talked about the books they’ve been reading. Ms. Melinson started us off with Cake, a pretty book that’s part memoir and part recipe book. She also talked about Norwich by Karen Crouse, the sports writer who visited a few months ago and spoke. Since April is Poetry Month, Ms. Melison talked about one of our new books of poems, Wild Beauty. And to round things out, Ms. Melinson talked about some weird books: Three Bags Full (legit laugh out loud funny) and Sourdough (It glows in the dark!)

Héloïse started reading Down and Across, which she loves because the characters are weird, but a good weird. She also mentioned starting O! Pioneers and liking it so far and finishing Women & Power. Josh read what what he described as possibly the best series ever – Red Rising. He said it was amazing and recommends it for Sci-Fi fans. He also read The Man in the High Castle and enjoyed its interesting depiction of alternate history. Mrs. Eustace chimed in that for those who like alternate history, they should check out Wolf By Wolf – conveniently available at your local school library.

Ms. Batarseh read Abarat and loved it and the accompanying pictures because “words evoke pictures, pictures evoke words.” She mentioned to watch out for the paperback version of the book as it doesn’t have the illustrations, which really benefit the story. Ms. Batarseh also talked about Richard Wilbur’s New and Collected Poems, which she said she comes back to every few years and enjoys his simple use of words.

Alyssa started reading Beautiful Creatures, which she said is so different from the movie, but she loves it. Becca started The Hero With A Thousand Faces, a book about how mythology has evolved through time, and thinks it’s going to be an interesting read. Mr. Wells said he was looking for books to tie into the Sophomore Project for the 10th graders next year and so he was reading Enrique’s Journey, recommended by Doctora Portillo.

For more information about the books we talked about, check out our Goodreads page.

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