Week in Review: Welcome back edition

Welcome back, students! Can you believe summer break is over already?

We hit the ground running on Monday with orientations for both students and parents. Ninth graders learned some of the rules of Country Day from Student Council in a funny and informative video. While new Middle School parents were learning about what to expect, Ms. Melinson was helping 6th graders set up their email accounts.

On Tuesday the Student Council met in the Quiet Room. On Wednesday the 9th graders received their laptops at lunchtime. Afterward Mr. Billing’s 7th grade Latin class was in the library researching the Roman names they’ve chosen to call themselves in class. On Friday Mr. Crabb’s 10th grade History class was in the library to brainstorm Sophomore Project topics and fill out library card applications. Both Mr. Crabb and Ms. Melinson emphasized the importance of picking a topic students found personally interesting as it makes researching and writing easier.