April Book Club



Last week we had our last High School Book Club for the Class of 2016 (where did the year go!?). Ms. Melinson traditionally reads a poem for the Seniors, the lovely “Summer Day” by Mary Oliver. In the spirit of National Poetry Month, Anny read a couple of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, and Dr. Bell read “My Father is a Simple Man,” by Luis Omar Salinas.

Ms. Melinson asked the Seniors to share any reading advice they might have for the younger book club attendees. Amelia said she highly recommended reading short stories, because it’s a great way to get an idea of a writer’s style before reading their larger bodies of work. Vanessa and Jake agreed, adding that it’s also a good way to “find your genre” and discover new ones that you might not otherwise try.

Everyone agreed that it’s always a a great idea to venture outside of your favorite literary genres. Dr. Bell said that he enjoyed reading a book by Dean Koontz that he picked up randomly in a coffee shop one day—someone had left it with a note saying “Read and leave for someone else to enjoy.” Ms. Nellis said that when she was traveling in Europe as a student, her peers would often trade books with each other, and this is how she ended up reading Jaws. Fels said that she found herself reading “big books” like Dune when she was spending time in Mexico.

Saachi offered some very insightful advice, which was to “read poems for inspiration” before a writing assignment or a test. Zoe D. said she loves reading books with illustrations and art, such as The Phantom Tollbooth, which she plans to take with her to college. Everyone shared the sentiment and agreed that it’s fun to go back to our “comfort books” every now and then.

For a complete list of books recommended during this book club and previous book clubs, check out our Goodreads list here!


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