Week in Review: Prom and Reptile Edition


This week in the library we had a couple of surprises. As the High Schoolers prepared for the prom on Saturday (on a train!), we got to see some very entertaining promposals—like Manson’s proposal to Saachi—complete with coffee puns and surprise lattes.

And we were really impressed by MJ’s promposal to Gracie, one of our biggest Harry Potter fans:


While we can definitely get on board with chocolate frogs, we can’t really say the same for the other surprise guest we had in the library: a local campus lizard. This little guy decided he needed to check out some library books. He was kindly scooped up by Mr. Stainbrook and returned to nature, since we have a strict no-reptile policy in the library.


After school on Friday the Glass Knife had another production night. And we gotta say, the book is shaping up to be pretty cool…stay tuned!

IMG_2021 IMG_2022


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