Week in Review: Poetry Edition

This week we had a little bit of rain, a little bit of sunshine, and lots of fun stuff going on in the library!

Throughout the week we had the 7th Grade History classes working on their China/Japan culture documentaries. And we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a photo of one of the 7th Graders, Olivia, checking out our copy of Olivia: 


The Sophomore Project Presentation Battles happened Monday and Tuesday, where Sophomores enlightened us with their chosen topics. We had quite the variety this year—from dog breeds, to sports psychology, to dreams, to Mount Everest!

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Thursday we celebrated Poem in Your Pocket Day, where we gave out candy to anyone with a poem in their pocket. Some of our High Schoolers visited the Lower School library to work with Kindergarteners on some interactive activities. Some of the poems involved acting like a tree (Ben was a very convincing tree!), drawing bugs, and pretending to be corn (shout out to Christian for making a map of where corn grows in the U.S.!). Ms. Melinson snapped a bunch of photos of our kids in action:

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We were honored to have the Matthews family stop by for a visit on Thursday. It was kind of like getting visited by royalty. If the name sounds familiar…

Friday we had a Leadership Lunch, where members of the Latinx Student Union talked about their recent trip to the Latinx Youth Summit in San Francisco, where they attended workshops, heard some powerful keynote speakers, and were able to bring back some great ideas to promote diversity on campus. Plus, they got to dance on stage. We’re a bit jealous.


And one last shout out goes to Tim M., for winning the 7th Grade March Madness competition with his book Son of a Gun by Anne De Graaf, which is a book about child soldiers in Liberia. Every day the 7th Graders checked the “progress” of their book reviews on the bracket, and if they stayed on it they were rewarded…with candy! Tim’s review wow’d the judges and he received the ultimate prize: more candy!


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