Book Pickup for 2020-21 School Year

While the Matthews Library isn’t open for browsing, we are still able to get books to students. Use this form to request your books.


How will I get my library books?
If you are in high school, your books will be put in a paper bag with your name on it and placed on the planter benches across from the library bulletin board.

If you are in middle school, your books will be delivered to your advisory classroom.

If you are remote, please email Mrs. Strong at to arrange plans to get your books.

How do I return my books?
High schoolers can return their books to the return cart in front of the library.

Middle schoolers can return their books to their advisory classroom for pickup.

Remote students can arrange a time and place to drop off their books by emailing Mrs. Strong at

When are my books due?
Your books are due back 1 month from the date you checked them out. If you need them longer, please email to renew them.

How quickly will I get my books?
The library has limited operational hours because it’s being used as a classroom. Sometimes you might get your books the same day you request them and other times you might get them a day later. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for a book, especially right before a break.

What if I don’t know what I want to read? Will you pick something out for me?
Yes! The Google Form now has a ‘Surprise me!’ feature where you can select genres you like and have books picked out for you.

Not sure what we have in the library?

There are several Padlets showing what books are available in the library. View those Padlets on CavNet under the MS Library Group or HS Library Group depending on your grade level.

Visit the library catalog here. Use the guide below to learn how to browse resource lists (lists of books by genre and interests) and find out if the book you want is on the shelf or checked out. Email Ms. Melinson or Mrs. Strong at if you have any questions.