September Book Club

A new school year means the start of the High School Book Club. Students and faculty met on Wednesday to share what they read over the summer.

Ms. Melinson started us off by reminding us that the On the Come Up movie will be released soon. She then talked about some new books in the library, including The Lincoln Highway. Ms. Melinson described the book as a road trip and said if you like The Odyssey or O! Brother Where Art Thou, then you’d probably like the book.

Ms. Melinson then discussed reading The Sentence, a somewhat meta book about a bookstore the author owns. She touched on The Coasts of California field guide by Obi Kaufman, a beautiful full-color guide to water in California. Ms. Melinson also shared the updated covers to classics like Nine Stories and Red Mars.

Then Jordyn said she read Dry by Neil Schusterman and loved the layered plot and character growth. Avery has been mostly been reading for school, but did enjoy reading The Alchemist over the summer. Samhita read The Sympathizer and The Refugees, both which made her feel like a changed person. She also gave Murikami a second chance and returned to Kafka on the Shore.

New Latin and Humanities teacher Mr. Comer shared his love sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson. He also discussed an interesting book on economics, The Dawn of Everything, that tries to disprove the use of bartering in ancient times. He also mentioned reading The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which discusses the development of Christianity from a different viewpoint than usually presented.

Mr. Wells talked about reading Damnation on Halfaday Creek, a book he describes as starting out sad and just getting sadder. But he also started a fun historical fiction book called Doc to clean his palate.

Visit our Goodreads page to see what we’ve discussed in book clubs past and present!


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