Week in Review

This week saw the beginning of Black History Month as well as the Lunar New Year. For Black History Month, the library is engaging in a #readingblackout where all of the books on the endcaps (the display at the end of each aisle) are devoted to works by Black authors. Each endcap features a different theme, such as Black joy, new books, adventure, and history. The display cabinet in front of the library also got a new look. Student Masai decorated the cabinet to feature books, art, and music by Black creators and used QR codes to direct people to more information about the history and importance of Black History Month.

On Tuesday we celebrated Lunar New Year with a countertop display featuring the gorgeous San Francisco’s Chinatown by Kathy Chin Leong with photographs by Dick Evans. This week also saw the return of the Leadership Lunch series. Students Craig and Ryan interviewed senior Sanjana, who discussed her experience working in one of Sac State’s research labs. Sanjana is researching how people age by using fruit flies and said she’s excited to be a part of research early in her education, and to be able to use the skills she’s learning in college and beyond.


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