Week in Review: The One With the Wildlife Rescue

Happy second week of school! We hope you’re getting back into the groove of things after a long holiday weekend. The library is back to bustling business as usual. The sophomores took over the library this week, visiting with both their English and History classes. Students worked on focusing their research topics and learning how to paraphrase. They learned how to make outlines and navigated Noodletools, a research management platform. On Thursday, both English and History classes were in the library at the same time working on their zombie issues assignment, which helped students navigate the different features in Noodletools they’ll be using with their Sophomore Project.

The library had a special visitor on Thursday – a dragonfly! They flew into the library office and needed several helping hands to make it back outside. Wildlife rescuers Jacob and Rod helped gently catch the dragon fly with an empty garbage bin and a blanket after which Ms. Melinson set on a table outside. The dragonfly flew away after several minutes, hopefully not into anymore buildings.


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