March Book Club – Virtual!

We had our monthly Book Club this past Wednesday and it was BYOHAP&B – bring your own hot apple cider and brownies because our meeting was virtual. That’s right, even when remote learning we still have time to talk about books!

Ms. Melinson started us off with a book not to read during this time – The Plague by Albert Camus. It might be a little too on the nose. But she did have some suggestions for for books to read to help soothe the soul and help you get better as a human being. Ms. Melinson suggested How to Be an Antiracist, Zen Flesh Zen Bones, an introduction to Buddhism, and poetry – Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot and Dear Darkness by Kevin Young.

Speaking of books that are on the nose, Avi is reading about hypochondriasis – the fear of having a serious disease. Grace E. is reading the fantasy/sci-fi serious about Michael Vey and the Electric Kids to distract herself. Mrs. Strong was reading The Calculating Stars, but decided to switch to something more upbeat – Strange Planet comics (view some here).

Ms. Bauman read a review of a play called “Conscious” and reached out to the author and was sent a script of the play to read. Reach out to authors – they may write back! Ms. Bauman is also listening to Frankenstein on audiobook. Samhita wants to read Emma by Jane Austen after seeing the movie. She’s also excited to start Lovely War by Julie Berry. Mr. Wells read The Poet X and said it was fantastic, filled with powerful verses. Clara re-read What If? by Randall Munroe, her favorite book.

Then Ms. Melinson asked how everyone was doing. Some students mentioned adjusting to living with college-aged siblings again as they return home. Some students talked about remote learning making them more organized. Ms. Bauman wondered how remote learning would impact college application essays next year. Are there going to be an influx of essays about sheltering in place much like there was an influx of essays written relating to Harry Potter when it was released? Who knows!

For all the books mentioned at this Book Club and all of the previous Book Clubs, check out our Goodreads account. Want more library content? Follow us on Instagram!


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