February Book Club

On Wednesday we had our monthly Book Club meeting with brownies and hot apple cider.


Ms. Melinson talked about some recent award winning books, including March: Book Three, When the Moon was Ours, and The Sun is Also a Star. She also talked about a new book from Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series, called Carve the Mark.

Christian joked that he read The Short History of WWII for his history class, which led to a discussion on textbooks. Yumi talked about finishing The Red Queen and starting the sequel, The Glass Sword. She said it was good, but confusing because of all of the different plots.

Heloise talked about reading The World According to Anna and Carry On, which was kind of a companion book to Fangirl, but too much like Harry Potter and not as good. This led to Dr. Baird wondering about second novels not living up to the hype of the first and Dr. Bell cited Catch-22 as an example.

Larkin mentioned she read The Cursed Child, but found it disappointing. Becca said she read Genius: The Game and loved it, but was disappointed in its abrupt ending. Maryjane talked about a book with a rather interesting title, The Diary of an Oxygen Thief. Anny talked about looking forward to Dragonwatch, the sequel to the Fablehaven series.

For all of the books we talked about this month, check out our Goodreads page!


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