Week in Review: Homecoming

It’s Homecoming which means it’s also Spirit Week! On Monday, students wore their pajamas. Tuesday was Jersey Day with students wearing their favorite sports jerseys and athletic wear. Wednesday was all about wacky attire and boy, were there some wacky outfits! Thursday was TBT (throw back Thursday. And Friday was red and black, just in time for the pep rally.

On Monday we had our high school raffle winner’s lunch. Lindsay and three friends dined on mac and cheese with tomatoes, mozzarella salad with roasted peppers and tomatoes, and lemon bars for dessert. Lindsay read a variety of books for the raffle and said Killer Pizza by Greg Taylor is her favorite.


On Wednesday, Kaeleigh presented for our monthly Leadership Lunch and spoke about Breakthrough, what it is and why it’s so important.


This week is also National Letter Writing Week. A letter writing station was set up in the library so students could come in and write letters to their favorite authors, friends and family.



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