Spirit Week in Review!

Spirit Week was packed into a very exciting four days this week. On Tuesday, students wore tie-dye. Wednesday was the Advisory Costume Contest, with a movie character theme. Ms. Melinson’s advisory chose Diary of a Wimpy Kid and was judged along with the other Advisory classes.

Thursday was twin day and students spent a rainy Friday wearing red and black and preparing for the pep rally. Friday also saw Mr. Wells and Mrs. Bauman lead Morning Meeting in singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” to honor recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan.

In the middle of all the Spirit Week events, 10th graders came in to learn more about their Sophomore Projects and 7th graders came in to do research for their Biomes Projects. They will be making websites to help teach their classmates more about biomes.

In addition to Spirit Week, it was also Teen Read Week! The Matthews Library mascot, Agamemnon, announced the winners of the Teen Read Week raffle, who all read books during September and October: In the High School Emily H won lunch for herself and three friends; Anny, Sonja, Emma B, Joe, Monique, Héloïse, and Abby won brownies on a random Tuesday, and Monique won the mystery prize. In the Middle School Lindsay won lunch for herself and three friends; Elizabeth, Catherine, Loryn, Rahul, Jada, Zola, Erin, and Anna W won brownies on a random Tuesday; and Catherine won the mystery prize. What a crazy week!



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