Week in Review: Say Cheese!

This week both our 8th graders and our 6th graders came in to pick up books for their reading projects. The 8th graders created pages on the 8th grade Independent Reading Site. There they will get to post summaries and reviews for their peers to comment on.

Wednesday was our first Leadership Lunch featuring Smita and Shriya speaking about Cognitive Exhange, a program where students mentor other students across the globe in speech and debate techniques. They are starting a club here at Country Day for students who’d like to be mentors. Sylvaine and Arvind, the Leadership Lunch Coordinators, are putting together a great program this year so stay tuned for more interesting presentations each month.

Thursday was picture day so we got to see everyone from the Middle & High Schools as they came in wearing their finest. Since the seniors have their portraits done later in the year for the yearbook, they get to dress up silly for their photos. We spotted Cookie Monster, a sumo wrestler, and superman. Others showed their spirit with patriotic props, face paint, and tattoos.

Friday was Ancil Hoffman Day and the black and red teams were also showing a lot of spirit. The black team won, again (legitimately) (seriously).


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