Your Week in Review: Senior Seminar Edition


This week the Seniors attended their Seminars, and we were delighted to have a few of them in Matthews Library: Mr. Schroeder gave some great advice about writing resumes and interviewing for jobs, and Mr. Talamantes talked about financial literacy. Next week, Ms. Melinson will host a seminar about college libraries and research.

Monday we had the first meeting of the Political Puzzles club, where Blake led a preliminary discussion about all things politics! The group also talked about the goals of the club and set up meeting dates for next year.

Tuesday we hosted a lunch for 8th Graders that were interested in joining The Glass Knife and/or Medallion. Current staff members talked about what it was like to work on the publications, what work nights were all about, and we had an abundance of pizza!

On Friday the campus was a flurry of activity! On the Lower School side, there was a farewell party for Mr. Repsher, where the community came together to wish him well on his retirement. And on the other side of campus…The Glass Knife was hard at work on their final deadline before the book goes to print. We can’t believe the school year is almost over; distribution day is right around the corner!


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