Week in Review: AP Edition

AP exams

It’s been pretty quiet in the library this week: AP testing is upon us… dun dun dun! The library was primarily closed this week (and will be next week as well). Despite having limited hours of operation, we still managed to have a few exciting things happen outside the library.

Ms. Melinson’s boyfriend, Sean, who is a cook at the fabulous Hawks Restaurant, visited on Monday to do a cooking demonstration for a few of the 6th Graders who having cooking-related topics as their Passion Projects. Sean showed them how to make cream cheese frosting, ice a cake, and gave them some great tips about not setting a kitchen on fire (and if you do, how to put it out!). The ladies did a fantastic job icing those cakes, and we’re pretty sure that they tasted just as good as they looked!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since Ms. Melinson’s advisory was unable to meet in their usual cozy library spot on Thursday, they met outside, had ice cream and blew some bubbles. That’s right. It was a bubble frenzy!


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