Week in Review: Back from Break; Off to L.A. Edition

This was a fairly quiet week in the library, and by quiet we mean the noise was deafening on Monday as students reunited after two weeks away and shared their tales of Spring Break fun, trips, and sleep (of course!)

Ms. Melinson was able to visit the 9th Grade History class to see some of their World Heritage site presentations. It was fun to learn about Persepolis, Timbuktu, the Historical Town of Ouro Preto, and the Colonial City of Santo Domingo and how they came to be on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Ms. Melinson also got to visit the 6th grade to see their Passion Project Pitches. This is the second year the 6th grade is doing Passion Projects based on Google’s 20% Time and Genius Hour, both are explained in this article. Students will spend part of their time this quarter working on projects of their own choosing and then presenting them to the community. Some of the ideas they have so far include:

  • learning to do stop motion video
  • learning 3-D origami
  • making a cooking blog with videos and recipes
  • teaching another student basketball and posting lessons to a YouTube channel
  • learning business practices from a lemonade stand
  • creating comics
  • learning palm reading and tarot in order to create a Book of Fates

We can’t wait to help them with their research next week!

While Ms Melinson holds down the fort here in the Matthews Library and gets The Glass Knife staff ready for their first Work Night tonight, Ms. Hawkins is in L.A. with the Medallion and Octagon staffs at their annual conference.

Thank you to Mr. Wroten for the 6th grade photos.


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