Week in Review: Spring Break Edition

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Ah, Spring is in the air! That means warmer weather, pretty flowers, and allergies are all on the horizon. It also means Spring! Break! Is! Here! The week kind of flew by in the library—like so many bees carrying sneeze-inducing pollen…

We had  Dr. Bell’s AP English 12 and English 12 classes in the library to work on a couple of short story projects. Along the same line, the Glass Knife had some super serious board meetings during lunch, where they worked on submissions and discussed other top secret things for the magazine.

On Friday, we had an exciting day checking out books to students and teachers to read over the break. Ms. Melinson shared a delightful cup of tea with Sophie, Tori, and Lia as they worked on some yearbook spreads before heading out. We hope everyone has a fun, safe Spring Break—we’ll see you all in a couple of weeks!


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