March Book Club



On Wednesday we had our monthly Book Club meeting, where students and faculty join together in the library for the love of all things books! Ms. Melinson made the second round of her “experimental brownies,” where she asked the kids to compare the flavor qualities of these with last month’s brownies. She baked last month’s brownies at a “normal” temperature and then this month she decided to try a new way: “low and slow” at 250 degrees, which experts have told her is the absolute best way to bake the tasty treats.

The results?

The first month’s brownies were standard and tasty, and these brownies were a bit more fugdey—yet equally delicious. The verdict: brownies are delicious, and none of us discriminate. Just give us brownies.

Ms. Melinson talked about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie We Should All Be Feminists, an adaptation of the author’s powerful TED Talk about feminism. If you haven’t seen the Talk yet, here it is! And if you love Adichie, you might also enjoy checking out Roxane Gay’s essay collection, Bad Feminist.

The students have been busy reading books like Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air, and Cassandra Clare’s first installment of the Dark Artifices trilogy: Lady Midnight. Avi mentioned that she finally got around to reading Eleanor and Park, which sparked a conversation about the latest criticism of the book and its questionable racism with the descriptions of the characters. To read that criticism, click here.

We all circled back to what it’s like to have to read Young Adult fiction as a school assignment—or any book for that matter. The faculty agreed that everyone should revisit the classic books they read in school after a couple of decades have gone by; they found that they typically enjoyed and appreciated them a lot more after the fact.

What a lively Book Club we had this month! For a full list of all the books discussed during this and previous Book Clubs, check out our Goodreads list here.


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