Week in Review: Moratorium Edition


Another week has zipped right along over here in the library. We’re going to blame the warmer weather. Isn’t it delightful? We think so. We also had a boatload (a real, scientific measurement, just ask any of the science teachers) of activity going on within your favorite glass-box-full-of-books on campus.

On Tuesday we had our Teen Read Week Raffle Winner lunch for Keerti and her three pals. They enjoyed a quiche, salad, and some ginormous brownies.

We also had a Spanish poetry contest in the library. High School students (and some Lower School students!) read poems in Spanish to the delight of all. They even had a special guest judge—a reporter from Univision! We were slightly relieved that she did not bring a camera with her (we’re still recovering from our minute of fame during Polyglot “Cat in the Hat”).

On Thursday we had chaos the Sophomore Moratorium. Sophomores piled into the library and worked hard researching and taking notes for their Sophomore Projects. Ms. J and Ms. Fels doled out quesadillas during lunch, which were much needed to carb up for the remainder of the school day.


Friday Ms. Burns brought in her 7th Grade Science class to research plants for the annual Renaissance Faire. We love these books in particular because they…well…they have pretty covers. Can ya blame us?

And at the end of the day on Friday, Glass Knife staffers worked hard to set up for the ~*nighttime*~ Speakeasy. Your narrator would post photos of this, but it has not happened yet and she lost the keys to the Tardis (typical), so instead here is a photo of a few of the staff members caught prepping for the evening of poetry:



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