Polyglot Cat in the Hat



On Tuesday we were pleased to host our annual Polyglot reading of Cat in the Hat. Organized by Ms. Batarseh, our Polyglot event goes along with our celebration of World Cultures Week. We had around 50 High School students and faculty members read stanzas of the classic book in 27 different languages! In addition to languages such as French, German, Arabic, and Japanese, we were also delighted by Mr. Mangold’s reading in ASCII code, and Ms. Fels’s contribution in diagrammed sentences! Pretty cool, eh? We think so. We also had SCDS alum Chris Springer read a passage to us via video in Estonian, and Ms. Batarseh’s daughter Skyped her passage in Arabic all the way from Bethlehem!

This year we did something a little different—we invited the Second Grade class to be spectators. Here’s a great photo that Ms. Covey snapped of one of our HS readers, Saachi, with one of our adorable Second Grade pals. While Saachi read her passage in Hindi, Ms. Melinson and Ms. Covey caught a glimpse of the little gal just absolutely thrilled to see someone speaking a language she recognized and probably didn’t expect to hear at school! We’re pretty sure that Saachi has now reached rock star status.


The Second Graders weren’t our only special visitors. The folks over at KCRA came over to film it for a news segment! So maybe we all got a taste of rock star status yesterday! To continue World Cultures Week, we’re looking forward to the Passport Lunch tomorrow and an assembly on Friday. We hear there will be Brazilian dancing. We can’t wait!


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