Your Week in Review: Chocolate! Edition!

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Who loves chocolate? We love chocolate! Is it true? We do! We do! (Sorry—we got a little excited about that one). On Monday we hosted our very first chocolate tasting. Not unlike a coffee cupping, our chocolate tasting offered folks a chance to try a variety of different chocolates and jot down the flavor notes for each. From single-origin craft chocolates to M&Ms, we had a lot of different choices! We offered many faculty favorites as well (shout out to Dr. Bell’s favorite kind: “the bitterer, the betterer!”), but in the end our tallies showed that students preferred the milk chocolate varietals over the darker chocolates. Is bitterer really betterer? Maybe we should have another chocolate tasting to find out…

…And with a large-scale chocolate-tasting comes leftovers! On Tuesday during lunch, we had a “coloring and chill” session featuring some of our finest (and sassiest) coloring books, offered up with a hearty side of chocolate!

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Going right along with our very sweet-themed week, Glass Knife had their 857th annual Love/Hate Valentine’s Day bake sale. For the romantics, we had ooey-gooey cookies, and for the haters, we had “dirt and worms” and some black heart cookies. We’re not biased, though, we loved eating all of it!

The MOGAI Club sold handmade Valentine’s Day cards on Tuesday and Thursday outside the library, with proceeds going to the Sacramento LGBT Center. The cards were all made by members of the MOGAI club, and we especially loved the extra-sassy cards!


On Thursday we hosted the lunch for Lia K, our winner from the Teen Read Week/Banned Books Week raffle. Lia and 3 of her pals enjoyed a souptastic meal from Boudin, provided by Ms. Melinson:


Whew! And to send you all off on a lovely three-day weekend, we’d like to share with you pretty much one of the coolest videos we’ve ever seen. Click here. You’re welcome.

After that video blows your mind, head over to Wired to read all about the physics/science behind the video. Because, seriously. How did they do that?!


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