Week in Review: We Had a Baby (Shower)!



It’s been a pretty adorable week here in the library. We like to think that we maintain a certain level of cute/quirky/fun in the library, but this week we were off the charts. You may have noticed all the bright polka dots all over the library the last couple of days… but why? First, let’s go over some of the other fun stuff we had going on on this side of campus. Here’s your week in review!


At the beginning of the week we served up some delightful cups of tea (Ms. Nellis and her Minion were happy to share a cup). She also brought in her History 9 classes this week to do research for an ancient American culture project, where students compared and contrasted other ancient cultures that they’ve studied so far.


Wednesday we had our monthly book club, where we discussed a variety of genres and authors and a few exciting new titles we’ve added to the library collection. Oh yeah, and we had brownies and hot apple cider. Because that’s how we roll.

And finally…the reason the library was especially adorable this week: we hosted a celebratory baby shower for Ying, our Breakthrough Program Coordinator, as she and her husband Peter are adding a sweet little addition to their family. We polka-dotted the library and enjoyed a lot of ooo‘s and ahhh’s over the amazingly cute Cal Bears banner that Carol made. We want a thousand of them for future use. Just saying.


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