February Book Club


On Wednesday we had a nice crowd for our lovely lunch time book club, with brownies and hot apple cider to fuel the discussions.

Ms. Melinson was excited to share Bellweather Rhapsody, a book that she started reading over summer and didn’t really get into until recently—but she reached a point where the book was so compelling that she had to finish it immediately! She also mentioned our current display in the library featuring Book List Editor’s Choice winners for 2016. We have a considerable amount of these books in our collection, and more on the way!

We talked about a few of the new books we’ve added to the collection in the past few days, and one of them was recommended by our very own Josh F.: Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words. Josh appreciated the funny nature of this book, and everyone agreed that it was delightful in its whimsy and a fantastic resource for learning otherwise complicated science.

This month’s book club featured a variety of topics spanning across various genres, from the sci-fi/horror world of Welcome to Night Vale, to the beautiful scenic descriptions of the western US in The Whistling Season, to coming of age novels like She’s Come Undone. Amelia recommended Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the author of We Should All Be Feminists. Ms. Melinson mentioned an amazing TED Talk the author gave about writing about her own culture. Check out the talk below! And also check out our Goodreads page for a list of all titles recommended during book club.


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