Your Week in Review

What a busy week we had in the library! On Monday the Glass Knife had a writing contest during lunch (and your narrator can confirm that these were some of the best-ever entries!), and on Tuesday during lunch Ms. Melinson served up some tasty desserts to accompany her advisory gathering.

Wednesday and Thursday we had the MS Book Club Elective class come in to check out books, as well as Ms. Little’s English class to snag some literary classics for a project. We checked back with one of the classes on Friday and caught them in the act of reading! We were very proud.

Ms. Nellis’ 9th Grade History classes visited on Friday to begin research for their Ancient Civilizations projects. Between all the classes, we had a pancake frenzy going on outside! Check out Ms. J in the photo above slinging some tasty pancakes and rocking the coolest apron we’ve seen in a long time.

To top off the week, Ms. Melinson had a pop-up self-serve tea station set up in the library. It was a wonderful end to a chilly, rainy week!


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