Week in Review: Tea Time Edition


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This week we celebrated National Letter Writing Week. We had our fancy letter-writing station set up in the library during school for folks to drop by during free time and write a letter to a friend, pen pal, or author. We stamped and mailed them on Friday.

Tuesday we had our first-ever tea tasting during lunch. It was a wild success! We had a variety of teas to choose from (some of which were generously donated by faculty!). In fact, so many people joined us for a cup of tea that Ms. Melinson decided we should make it a weekly event.

On Wednesday, Julia (our Leadership Lunch Coordinator) gave a great presentation about body image during lunch. We had a sold-out crowd!

Mr. G’s 8th Grade science class spent some quality time in the library this week to work on their ~*Extreme!*~*Weather!*~ projects. Students spent class time doing research on tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other not-fun weather situations. Their final product will be a detailed poster about their assigned disaster. Good luck, guys!


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