January Book Club


The holidays may be over, but the weather outside sure was frightful for our first Book Club of 2016. And since we couldn’t build a fire to make it delightful, we had hot apple cider and brownies instead!

The overall topics for this book club ranged from economic hit men (thanks, Johann!), to Bill Nye (the Science Guy!)’s new book about climate change, and some good ‘ol fashioned dystopian literature to match the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having this week.

And we all witnessed the truly rare moment of Ms. Melinson admitting, perhaps for the first time ever, that The Princess Bride movie was actually better than the book. She did not like the way the author interjected the fairy tale with his own fake “life story”—it was distracting and, frankly, not very interesting. Drats!

We had a handful of fantastic recommendations during this book club (including one that tells us 1,000 foods to eat before we die, and also a handful of hilarious Star Wars-themed titles), and we think that you should find out more about them over here on our Goodreads page.


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