Weekly Update: Dark Arts and Crafts


What a crazy week in the library! As you all know, next week is our last week before Winter Break. As SCDS winds down 2015, we had to take a moment to appreciate the finer activities in life: arts and crafts. Particularly, Winter Crafts!

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Ms. Melinson invited Middle School advisories this week to make our annual winter craft…we’re talking snowflakes galore! There were buttons, popsicle sticks, and paper snowflakes flying all over the library! Well, not really. Because that would get a little messy. There were minor glue disasters, but no one was injured and overall the classes were a huge success.

We also had our second to last Book Club of 2015 and it was a special one: we discussed Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee’s “sequel” to To Kill A Mockingbird. Our Mockingbird expert, Ms. LaMay, offered her opinions about the book, and a lively discussion was had by all; read more about that book club here.


Throughout the week, Ms. Burns’ and Mr. Whited’s 6th Grade Science classes joined us to do research for their constellation projects. Way to go, guys!

Sophomores also spent time in the library on Friday to work on their Sophomore Projects. They learned how to make note cards and research databases that would help them with their topics. IMG_1542



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