November Book Club

Wednesday we were delighted to have another Book Club filled with great conversation, brownies, and hot apple cider galore! In fact, Ms. Melinson even made extra hot apple cider—because we know it’s getting cold outside and there’s nothing better than warm apple cider to warm things up!



Ms. Melinson talked about the new David Mitchell book, Slade House—which sounds intriguing and slightly spooky—about a mysterious building in an alley that one is lucky to find the entrance to…and once they enter…they may not be able to ever leave (dun dun dun!).

Vanessa was very excited to see that we added a copy of the graphic novel Motherless Oven to the collection. She talked about it at the last Book Club and we thought it sounded too awesome to pass up!

Dr. Baird was eager to share the novel he just read by Richard Matheson, The Beardless Warriors. Dr. Baird said he does not often get the chance to read novels, but this one was fantastic and depicted a realistic narrative of what the world was like for young men during WWII.

The topics ranged from old-school science fiction to Greek tragedies, to some hefty political debates…and some really great book recommendations!

For a complete list of those books check out our Goodreads page here.


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