October Book Club

Wednesday we had brownies, hot apple cider (we want to believe it’s Fall weather outside!), and Book Club! Our first order of business was the exciting news that we’ve started carrying the New York Review of Books in the library. Dr. Bell was very eager to share his devotion to the publication, as it always contains engaging content (and not just about books!).


And in the spirit of…Spirit Week…Nico and Carlos wore their best pink tutus to support breast cancer awareness month. Way to be fancy, fellas!

Ms. Melinson also talked about some of our new books; we’re thrilled with the new Brian Selznick book, The Marvels, as well as Rick Riordan’s new series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Anny said that she found it interesting that Riordan was focusing his new series on Norse mythology.

Students had a lot of books to talk about; Amelia was looking forward to reading the Welcome to Night Vale novel (based on the podcast), Diego is enjoying a powerful novel called On the Farms of Love, and Luca is trying to finish The Martian before seeing the film adaptation.

Dr. Bell said he’d been reading a lot of older mystery titles lately, particularly by Dorothy Sayers. He’s just finished reading Murder Must Advertise, and compared it to Mad Men. He offered a little bit of trivia: the phrase “it pays to advertise!” is attributed to Sayers.

Ms. Nellis and Ms. Fels really liked reading The Earth Hums in B Flat for their book club, and described it as a very well-written and engaging story about a young girl in post WWII Wales. They said that Mrs. Batarseh listened to the audiobook, which they found particularly interesting because the narrator was able to pronounce the Welsh names appropriately, while reading the paper version of the book proved that task quite difficult.

Dr. Portillo shared the book she’s been reading, called Radical Remission, which is a book based on research the author did about people that’ve been in cancer remission for 5+ years, and what they did differently that made them successful.

For more information/a complete list of all the books discussed during Book Club, check out out Goodreads page here!


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