Your Week in Review: Celebrity Edition


While the High Schoolers were on their class trips this week, we had the 6th Graders in the library every day for our orientation (whew!). Students learned all about the library programs and services, evaluated websites, and the best part: it ended in Family Feud, with Ms. Melinson playing the role of Steve Harvey. And on Friday, students began research on the background of the book Wonder.


On Wednesday we had a very special Skype visit with the author of The True Meaning of Smek Day, Adam Rex. Middle Schoolers were able to chat with the author about his books, illustrations, and what it was like to see his book turned into a movie (Home). He also showed us some of the cool sketches he’s been working on. A few students were able to ask him questions they prepared beforehand. Fun!


And on Friday, we had a little “incident” with Mr. Dymo, and he lost an eye. This is why you don’t play with letter openers, kids. Mr. Dymo is expected to make a full recovery, but is ready for the three-day weekend in celebration of Columbus Day.



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