Your Week in Review: Banned Books Edition

Well, well, well, SCDS’ers. It’s been another week for the books here at Matthews Library (pun intended). Actually, it’s been a week for banned books! This week we celebrated Banned Books Week and our right to read books of all kinds—even those “challenged” over time (and often for really silly reasons!).

In addition to promoting the freedom to read, we’ve had some entertaining moments in the library this week:

  • Mrs. Nellis brought in her History classes to do some research about Ancient Egypt  to prepare for their Keynote presentations.


  • We had a great TED Talk on Tuesday featuring Phil Hansen, an artist who developed a tremor and “embraced the shake” to overcome his creative limitations.


  • Kevin and Lea got a little creative with the Post-It notes…because sometimes studying just takes you there.


  • We “jailed” a few students for engaging in the outrageous activity of enjoying some frequently-challenged books.They’ll each be entered into our Teen Read Week raffle (with fabulous prizes such as lunch prepared by the librarian, a brownie on a random Tuesday, and a mystery prize!). Look at these cute mugs (thanks for being good sports, Diego, Lia, Sophie, and Vanessa!).


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