Your Week in Review

While we may have a short week due to Labor Day, the library saw a flurry of activity as we welcomed new patrons to Matthews Library, evicted a small dragon, and offered sanctuary to post-Ancil Hoffman team members.

OK. Maybe we’re exaggerating about the dragon. Or are we?


On Tuesday we had Sixth Graders in the library to learn all about our favorite subject: books! Students got a tour of the library and were able to check out books for their independent reading requirements.


On Thursday we had a tiny visitor. Let’s just call him Tiny Dragon. While we’re sure that he had a delightful personality, his movements were rather unpredictable so we had to politely ask him to leave the Matthews Library.


On Friday Ms. Melinson and Ms. Hawkins had their annual library planning lunch. Oh, the events we will have!

2015-02-01 13.56.15

Friday was also the annual High School Ancil Hoffman picnic. Here’s a rare photo: the red team and the black team getting along before the big game!


Alas, after a red team victory, many of the participants decided to cool off in the library. Oh yeah—did we mention they played capture the flag in 95+ degree weather? No big deal. I think it’s safe to say that everyone deserves a good rest this weekend. And air conditioning!


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