Last Book Club Before Summer!

Today we sent out the school year in style with our final book club. There were many lively discussions as the brownies and iced tea were passed around—primarily discussions about strong female characters in literature.

Avi brought up one of the protagonists in the new Mad Max film as a strong female character; Shriya mentioned the Warrior Princess novel having strong lady companions, and Anny said that Alli Carter often writes very strong female characters as well. This led Mrs. Nellis to pose the question: was everyone raised to believe that girls and boys were equal?

The responses varied; some mentioned cousins getting married at 16 or having arranged marriages; some talked about parents struggling with having strong, independent daughters; some had boldly feminist parents; and some parents even used Law and Order: SVU to teach their daughters that they never had to stay in abusive relationships like the ones depicted on the show.

As for the books, Ms. Melinson said she was planning to read some of the Alex Awards books over summer, and others were excited to read books like Game of Thrones and the Mortal Instruments series.

For a complete list of titles recommended during this (and all previous!) book clubs, check out our GoodReads list here.


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