Sophomore Project Top 10 Presentations

Be sure to join us in the library next Monday and Tuesday from 12:05-1:55 to see the Top Ten Sophomore Presentations. There will be a new set of judges (and prizes!) for this round, and the overall winner will present to the Board of Trustees. We can’t wait!

Here are the Top 10:

  1. “Albert Einstein and His FBI File” – Shriya N.
  2. “Vincent Van Gogh: Artistic Effects of Lead Poisoning” – Isabelle L.
  3. “The Politics, Campaigning, and Corruption of the Nobel Peace Prize” – Alexa M.
  4. “Serge Diaghilev” – Camille L.
  5. “Early Astronomy” – Marigot F.
  6. “Nelson Mandela’s 27-year Prison Life” – Kevin H.
  7. “The Spy Game” – Nicole W.
  8. “American Code Breakers in WWII” – Christian V.
  9. “World War I: The World has Changed” – Mac S.
  10. “Why Did 27 Years of Democratic Fighting Not Make a Difference in Burma?” – Avi B.


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