January Book Club

Today’s book club was a little different–we had our standard (and delicious!) apple cider, but the homemade brownies were replaced by homemade cookies by none other than Ms. Melinson. And while they didn’t last long, the discussions were plentiful!

For the most part, everyone got to read the books they mentioned they’d wanted to read over Winter Break (way to go!). There was much talk about Dystopian literature, and Ms. Melinson recommended The Testing series. Anny sparked a discussion about levels of governmental control in The Hunger Games versus other dystopian literature (she finds it to be the least controlling).

Along the same vein of dystopia, Mr. Neukom brought up a few philosophical questions about materialism and the way big businesses control us by reading selections from Real England and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

For a complete list of books recommended during Book Club, click here for our Goodreads list.


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