While the Kitten’s Away…

October book club

Book Club: lively discussions and so much apple cider!

The Middle School students (aka the kittens) are on their trips this week, so it’s been a full-on High School library takeover!

For our October book club meeting, we had hot apple cider and brownies (’tis the season!). The overall theme of the discussions leaned towards scary books (or should we say spoooooky?).

A few highlights of this month’s book club:

  • Ms. Melinson talked about some new scary titles we’ve added to the library collection, such as The Caged Graves and The Infects.
  • Ms. Batarseh talked about the 3 reading spots she has in her house, and that each spot has a different genre/type of book in it. We thought that was a really cool idea!
  • Jaspreet still can’t say the word “zombie.”
  • Ms. Melinson offered the chance for people to create their own library display if they want to (come talk to us in the library if you want to make one!).
  • Graphic novels are rad, according to Mr. Cunningham, Amelia, Ms. Nellis, Ms. Fels–basically everyone agreed that they are rad.

For a complete list of the titles recommended during book club, please click here.


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