And the second place shelfie winners are….

Day two of our shelfie contest reveal (click here for details)! We are happy to announce our second prize winners for Middle and High School.

For High School: Zomonster B!


With a lei and a hibiscus hairpiece (of course), Just Like the Movies hits the beach for some summer beach reading. The beach was a treasure trove for beach combers — so many shells! And there was even a sailboat out and about. Not to mention a whale and a lot of fish, including a particularly sparkly and shimmery pink one.

For Middle School: Sarina R.! She asks, what happens when the dog and cat books of the library decide they’ve finally had enough of each other? Well, we’re about to find out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fantastic job, ladies! Please come to the library today to choose your prize.


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