The shelfies are back! The shelfies are back! With prizes!

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On Thursday we had Ms. Monahan’s photography class in the library to take their very own shelfies. We pulled out various props from Narnia (aka: the closet) to assist the photographers in setting up their pictures.

Which leads us to…the Teen Read Week contest! This year we’re having a Shelfie contest.

The rules of the shelfie contest: 

  1. You do not talk about the shelfie contest.
  2. Just kidding, talk about it all you want!
  3. Choose a book you’ve read.
  4. Make a pair of eyes for your book (you can use googly eyes or just print some out) and attach them to the book. We also have googly eyes available in the library.
  5. Take a photo of your book in its natural habitat (or unnatural habitat). Feel free to put your book in costume or use props (see our website link here for examples).
  6. Email us the shelfie with a caption (an explanation of what’s happening in the picture–see examples on the website if you need to. The funnier, the better, the judges like to laugh!).
  7. The most imaginative ones will win prizes.

This is open to middle school and high school.

Prizes will include: 

  • Lunch for you and three friends prepared by the librarians.
  • A brownie or a cupcake on a random Tuesday (chef’s choice)
  • A mystery prize (in the past this has varied from a puzzle of macaroni and cheese to zombie finger puppets to gift certificates for Barnes & Noble or Chipotle).

You can send your pictures to us right away, but the deadline is October 10th. You may enter up to five photographs.

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